Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

What is Flowpresso®?

A breakthrough, noninvasive natural lymphatic drainage therapy that enhances overall health which delivers a 3-in-1 sensory treatment: compression, thermodynamic heat, and deep pressure. This unique combination of therapies releases toxins and puts the body into a ‘rest and restore’ state, working with physiological processes to switch off fight or flight mechanisms, and facilitate healing and repair.

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Our Physiological Processes

We have physiological processes that regulate the body’s involuntary reflexes, like heart rate, body temperature, breathing and blood pressure. Regular periods spent in a completely relaxed state — as opposed to a fight or flight state — give our body the time and energy it needs to repair, rejuvenate and reset.

Flowpresso® is a unique system that encourages a rest and repair state – the optimum state for the body’s healing processes.

The Suit

Ours is the only full-body suit available, covering the legs, abdomen, arms and torso for a systemic therapeutic experience.

There are 22 individual chambers that inflate sequentially – each activating before the previous chamber fully deflates to deliver cyclical and consistent pressure.


Other features include:

• Customizable pressure settings that can be applied to each chamber.

• Two separate pre-programmed modes (sports and relaxation).

• Different cycles that can deliver an individualized experience for each client.

• Velcro fasteners to ensure the suit is comfortable for people of all shapes and sizes.

• Thermotherapy that can be delivered separately to each of the four sections.

• Fibre carbon construction for durability and easy cleaning.

• A proprietary nano vibrational technology for improved energy flow.

A Typical Session

Patients remain fully clothed throughout their 30-minute session (long sleeves and full-length trousers required).


They are helped into the suit by a technician before the systems’ air pressure and heat cables are connected to a computerized unit and the technician sets initial pressure/heat settings according to the clients needs.


Once the suit starts to inflate, patients experience a squeezing sensation which should feel similar to a hug, with no discomfort. Next, a gentle heat spreads through the suit that is designed to penetrate the body, not just the surface, to avoid overheating.


The technician ensures the settings are comfortable for the client, before providing an optional eye mask to enhance fully immersive relaxation.

For Optimal Results

Patients experience the best results by investing in a series of regular sessions, rather than taking a one-off approach. This is because the more often we put the body into a parasympathetic state, the more opportunity it has to reset and repair.

And as we all know, regular relaxation is paramount in maintaining optimal mental health. This is why we recommend at least three sessions, with a minimum of three days in between sessions.


One session per week is ideal and there is no limit on how many sessions people can have.


The Benefits of Using Flowpresso®

Patients and clinicians have reported the following benefits:


• Increased relaxation

• Improved sleep quality

• Improved energy

• Decreased stress response

• Faster recovery in sport

• Faster healing in health

• Better endurance in sport

• Weight loss

• Better mobility


Is there anyone who should NOT use Flowpresso?®

We do not recommend Flowpresso® for people with the following conditions:


• Acute inflammation (e.g. phlebitis and thrombosis)

• Infection complications (e.g. ulcers)

• Pregnancy

• Back or hip issues (unless approved by a physician)

• Broken bones

• Abdominal spinal curvature

• Congestive heart failure


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