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Work with Dr. Armstrong, a Naturopathic doctor, for a personalized approach to find your path to optimal health and feel your best.
We will take the time to identify and address the root cause of any health concerns. Once we have a complete picture, we may may use nutrition, lifestyle, herbal supplements, homeopathy, and/or natural supplements to best restore balance and optimize your good health.
An initial visit is an hour long to get a complete health picture, establish goals, and begin working towards those goals. Follow-up visits may be half an hour to an hour in length, depending on what is needed.
Visits are $99 for a half hour or $198 for an hour. Your choice between a secure video call or private office visit.

Dr. Armstrong is a Naturopathic doctor licensed in the state of Washington, having completed four years of Naturopathic medical school and training. Telehealth visits as well as in-person visits in Tomball, Texas with Dr. Armstrong are for health coaching for optimal health and wellness, not medical visits, and not to diagnose or treat any mental or physical disease or disorder or physical deformity or injury.

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